Solar Energy and Lighting Links

This page contains links to information about solar energy in general and solar lighting in particular. There are also links to organizations dedicated to providing solar-powered lighting to the developing world. Some articles are in English and others are in French.

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Solar energy and solar lighting explained

Comment fonctionne l'énergie solaire ? Ce site est une traduction du site ci-dessous. Il y a quelques problèmes dans la traduction.
How does solar energy work?
Energie solaire expliquée
SwisSolar page explaining how solar energy works
Design, Development and Marketing of Solar Lanterns Includes specifications for effectively designed lanterns, including batteries. See page six for
Mighty Light
an explanation of how this particular company's solar lantern works
Results from another group's study in Kenya on desirable characteristics of a solar lantern

Solar lighting--each link shows a different possible design to consider for our project

Portable solar light system from Silicon Solar
Portable solar lantern
Mighty Light
Solar Snake Light
Snake light

BoGo Light from SunNight Solar gives specs from someone who wants to have solar lanterns constructed. this one is available for purchase and gives the option of hand-cranking if it doesn't charge by solar (due to lack of sun). No information on life span. Another lantern from Camping Does not have hand crank and is much more expensive. Is brighter than the the SolaDyne light above. Customers have given owner very positive feedback. Flashlight could be hung. Batteries would only last two years, but LEDs last many thousands of hours and the solar panel lasts for 20 years. Rechargeable AA batteries would have to be supplied, but not right away as they would lose their effectiveness if sent now and then not used for two years.

Organizations supporting solar power for the developing world
SonLight Power
Article about SonLight Power

Solar cooking and solar water pasteurization
solar cooking in Ethiopia
solar cooking in Ethiopia interesting and easy-to-read article explaining the benefits of solar cooking and solar-powered water purification for rural villages in the developing world.

Other organizations supporting solar power

Bella Vista High School's Club RESCUE
Sacramento Municipal Utility District(SMUD): SMUD provided grant funding to support both Club RESCUE and our Burkina Faso Solar Project

African Climate and misc. (This is also available in French)