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About the project

Through the Peace Corps World Wise Schools Program, the French 4/AP class at Bella Vista High School in Fair Oaks, CA, has been partnered with a school in Burkina Faso Africa since fall of 2007. When we first "met" our Peace Corps volunteer who teaches at the school, we asked her how we could help the school and the students. Instead of the replies we expected (books, classroom supplies, etc.), she told us that the only thing they really needed were lights for their exterior hallways so that the 120 students in her class would have somewhere to study at night since the village has no electricity whatsoever.

With that request began our quest to provide solar-powered lights to this school in Burkina Faso. We did some preliminary research on solar energy and also began applying for grants. We were fortunate to receive a $5,000 grant from SMUD (a local power utility) to study solar energy through field trips and begin buying equipment.

la classe d'Andrea Kung à Yaba, Burkina Faso

Here is a picture of the class and teacher we are supporting in Burkina Faso. Notice how many students there are and the age range. Andrea is standing in the back of the class.

How to navigate this site

Use the menu to the left to visit the different parts of this site. Here you can access pages explaining how solar lights work (in French and in English) as well as a teacher blog and a student blog with our reflections on the project.

Our thanks to SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) for their generous support of this project.